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About Filmy Weddings

For a nation that lusts for its drama, pizazz, sophistication, innovation, and a hand full of bollywood tadka, weddings are sure a big deal!

 Indian Weddings, the biggest and most glamorous shows on earth, are portrayed as cheap web series by your age old family photographer in the age where people want more than more. This led to the sculpting of a directorial venture, Filmy Weddings, by Kunal Goel, who left his film making career in Bollywood to employ the same adeptness to create visual orgasms that would mirror and spice of Indian weddings, the way God meant them to be shown. In pursuit of excellence, Kunal travelled wide and far to build his own terracotta army, armed with the best technology, so that they could do justice to the client's vision and wishes for how they want to reminisce one of their most cherished memories.

"We did not want to be a part of the industry but be the industry by tearing down the traditional wedding coverage methods brick by brick and giving you an experience of a lifetime by the hands of our fine art photographers and cinematographers."

                                                                                 -Kunal Goel

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